March 24, 2012 11:24 pm

LEO Lobbies on Coal Ash Resolution


February 29th, LEO joined with 120+ citizen lobbyists from across Missouri to talk with legislators about coal ash, parks, clean water, food, green building and energy policy.

Franklin County Missouri had 14 people there this year due to LEO mobilization. Good for a workday in February!

LEO authored a fact sheet that was given to every State Rep and State Senator that the entire coalition (Sierra Club, Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Missouri Votes Conservation and Environment Missouri) visited with that day, so roughly 120 legislators heard our coal ash message.

HCR 35 has 5 sponsors (McNiel, Webb, Oxford, Newman, Atkins and Brown) but needs to be assigned to a committee before any discussion about its merits can begin. We sent out a request that everyone contact their MO State Rep and ask them to tell Speaker Tilley to assign it to committee, because Missourians have the right to have this issue discussed and protections passed.

Thanks to everyone who made the time to go to Jefferson City this year. Every year it is a slightly different group from LEO. If you have never lobbied – you should join us next year!

Remember you can also talk with your Reps and Senators when they are home. They all have a local office and most leave Jefferson City on Thursday afternoon to be here in district most of the weekend. They have no excuse to not talk with you or make time to meet with you. It is YOUR voice that makes a difference. YOU have to be the one to contact them, call them, write them a letter and ask them to represent your interests.

Take a moment to call them now to let them know they should both support HCR 35 and tell Speaker Tilley to assign HCR 35 to a committee. The session ends in May so there is little time.

Here is where you look up MO House of Representatives  contact info.

Call Scott Dieckhaus (109th – the Labadie Plant) at 573-751-0538 or 636-390-2270

Call Paul Curtman (105th – Pacific; running for the new 109th at 573-751-3776 or 636-751-8961


Sponsor of HCR 35 Margo McNeil
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