March 24, 2012 11:38 pm

Prepare to VOTE on Ameren’s Shareholder Resolution


Last year the MCRI (Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investing) almost exceeded the 50% vote mark to make the Coal Ash Shareholder Resolution force Ameren to consider alternatives for dumping in the floodplain. This was with minimal planning time. The reality is that shareholders would be hurt by inevitable contamination of groundwater, damages from pond collapses, etc. Ameren should be doing everything possible to protect the environment in which they operate their business. Missourians give Ameren the right to utilize huge volumes of water from the Missouri River to generate energy and in turn, we expect them to be good neighbors and not pollute our drinking water.

So, if you own any Ameren stock, you have the right to vote at the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting April 24th OR you can vote online/mail by proxy. You can even have someone go in your place and vote for you at the meeting. Our thought is that if everyone we know who has Ameren stock is certain to vote FOR the resolution, we would easily exceed 50%. Last year MCRI got 47%

Find out more from the official notice of the annual meeting online and circulate this ask to all your friends and family who may have stock.

We want as many supporters, who have stock, to attend the annual meeting this year. There are 3 environmental shareholder resolutions that will be voted on.

  • report on coal ash waste
  • report on coal-related costs and risks
  • assessment and report on greenhouse gases and other air emissions reductions through customer energy efficiency and renewable energy programs

If you have stock you should receive a mailer w/ the option to vote online, by mail or to attend the meeting. If you have not received by the first week of April, call Ameren. If you have any questions, email and we will get you an answer.

Take the time to follow through on this ask. No one in our group of supporters who has Ameren stock should be forfeiting their vote on these resolutions.

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