March 25, 2012 8:55 pm

EPA Comes to St. Louis


Patricia S. and Amy B. Raising Issues With CCW Management

Mathy Stanislaus, Asst Director of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, was in St. Louis last week. LEO has visited with him and other members of the Administration to discuss the need for a strong Coal Ash Rule. The rule has been discussed and argued over for as long as LEO has been fighting the local landfill. Before that, regulation was considered under the Clinton administration. The Coal Ash Rule has had such a hard time getting enacted because industry has always been able to exert its power through legislators and the government. What changed? The TVA disaster educated people as to where waste was kept and what was in the waste…so, the level of understanding of the issue in the minds of average Americans changed.

LEO has been a very vocal advocate for Subtitle C (think CLEAN) which regulates coal waste across states and ensures basic protections. We have also advocated for exclusion of floodplains. Why? Because the major risk to drinking water, groundwater, soil and humans is because the heavy metals and carcinogens in coal waste readily enter the hydrological cycle. Ponding OR landfilling coal waste in floodplains (near the plants that produce the waste) poses needless risks to communities. In the case of the Labadie Plant, that community is the Metropolitan St. Louis Area. Local residents get their drinking water from groundwater and downstream, 2 million residents of St. Louis get their drinking water from the Missouri River.

Eight LEOs traveled to St. Louis to meet w/ Mr. Stanislaus to let the EPA know that there is an engaged group of citizens in the Metro St. Louis Area that want the EPA to announce Subtitle C regulation of coal ash wastes and to require coal ash wastes be stored out of floodplains.

Please take a moment to write Mr. Stanislaus to let him know we appreciated his visit to St. Louis and that we expect the EPA to bring out Subtitle C + floodplain exclusion by the end of the year.

Here is how you can contact Mathy Stanislaus’s:

He is sensitive to the issues that communities face, we could not have a better advocate. He is both an attorney and an engineer. He is responsible for the Coal Ash Rule. He understands the risks that these ponds and landfills in floodplains pose. When we showed him the map of the Labadie floodplain and Missouri River floodway in relation to Ameren’s proposed landfill, he was surprised.

Take a moment right now to call or email Asst Director Manthy Stanislaus to say we deserve Subtitle C and no coal ash waste dumps should be allowed in our nation’s floodplains where they can contaminate our drinking water.

Thanks for taking action!


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