April 15, 2013 9:19 pm



Ok, it has been awhile and we have been really busy. We made it through local hearings, Circuit Court and now are now in the appeals court trying to strike down the regulations on coal ash waste landfills that we think do not serve the communities of Franklin County and put our health at risk.

What we need is your help. We need you to stay engaged, donate if you can and take action when you see something actionable on our Facebook pages, online here at the Blog from the Bottoms or in an email alert sent to your inbox. We need to continue to grow our community and continue to speak out on the issue.

The federal coal ash rule and the legal endpoint in our case at Labadie are still in play. We even have regulations being discussed at the state level.

Commit to another year of support, commit to defending your neighbors and friends.

If you have special skills in media, online communications or can assist with legal and accounting issues…consider volunteering. The funds that LEO has raised over the passed 4 years have gone right back into our legal and political efforts to stop the landfill in Labadie and advocate for safe coal ash management practices in Missouri. We are all volunteers, we all potentially harmed by exposure from the existing ponds and the future landfill, we all have a stake in winning this fight. Please commit to stepping it up in 2013. Consider donating to either LEO or Washington University Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic on behalf of LEO (if you need tax benefit).

Never doubt the strength of a community. Thank you for hanging in there with us! Remember Margaret Mead’s words:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful  committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it”s the only thing that ever has.

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