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Recently we have heard from John Grieseheimer and Mr. Gurnow (an Ameren employee) that the landfill issue has divided the town of Labadie.  I would like to relate a story.  Friday night Ginger and I went to Labadie Grapevines to have a couple of drinks and dinner.  We were the second table in the place.  Soon many people from Labadie, St. Albans and the surrounding area began to come in and the place was full.  Some were old time residents long before the plant was built and some were new comers.  We were on a first name basis with virtually everyone there.  Of course we spoke about the landfill, but that was only for a small time.  We spoke about family, vacations taken and vacations to come.  We spoke about gardening (one couple brought in their bounty and shared with all), fishing and hunting.  We spoke about the Civil War, sports and many other topics we had in common.  A few months ago, we might have known only one handful of these fine neighbors.  We have also become friends with people from all parts of Franklin County.  After several hours, hugs, goodbyes and promises to meet again soon, we left for home.  So I ask you, has the Ameren landfill issue divided or united Labadie?  You be the judge.

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    July 26, 2010 at 10:55 am
    christine alt says:

    United We Stand! I think the more we communicate as friends and neighbors…the more we will stand together. After all, I was born in this county and have lived here all my life…and the only time I have heard of this ‘outsider’ vs. ‘insider’ talk is when others bring it up to attempt to drive a wedge between good people. If we get down to this kind of talk then let me compare myself to our ‘bad neighbor in the bottoms’ (you may know them as A.U.E.), I was born and raised here and A.U.E. moved into Labadie to profit from our beautiful bottom land resources about the same time of my birth…so is A.U.E. maybe the ‘outsider’ since they were not born here and have only been here to profit from and ruin our environment??? If we all stand together holding hands, then we will all be the insiders and A.U.E. is the outsider along with those that refuse to see how this neighbor has harmed Labadie and ultimately could harm our neighbors from further away… I find the term humorous, when it is brought up by a politician whose goal should be to unite and represent “people” not a company. In addition, this is more far reaching than just a Labadie issue…our neighbors down stream, across the river, in the county, and anyone that uses water from the Missouri River,…do I need to go further…my point is that we are all ‘insiders’ so don’t let the ‘true outsiders’ try to divide us! Let us all keep talking to our neighbors because we will continue to grow more united and that is our true power for this fight ahead of us… Love the story because it simply points out that only 2 people felt we were being divided!!!

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    July 27, 2010 at 1:45 pm
    Amy says:

    Ditto both comments! I was there at Grapevines that night with Rob, and we both remarked on our way home how nice it was to know everyone there. It felt like a community center, and the uniting issue has been concern over the future of the county. Neighbors are getting to know neighbors, and becoming friends.
    If only Ameren, and the county powers that be, would listen! Can we not TALK about a sustainable future for all of us? Ameren has choices. Coal fired plants all over the country are considering repowering to more sustainable options. When asked about repowering the Labadie Plant to natural gas, Ameren has said, in essence, that the price of natural gas is too volatile to do that. Have they checked lately? The price is coming down and may be stabilizing thanks to new technologies. We want the plant to continue to power our electric needs but we don’t want a graveyard of toxic material in the floodplain for our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to have to clean up when the inevitable happens. The plant is 40 years old, almost past its anticipated ‘shelf life’ and many very expensive pollution controls have to be installed to keep burning coal. Looking at alternatives makes sense for so many reasons.

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    July 31, 2010 at 7:31 pm
    physical therapist says:

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    August 1, 2010 at 12:16 pm
    Kate says:

    It is hard to believe that a commission of three people could possibly be making a decision for an entire community that could ultimately damage us all. This process is too late to change, but we should consider for the future, a different way to run this community. We are about to let the three people in our commission make life changing decisions for all of us. These are just people. They know nothing more than we do. There are professionals telling telling them that landfill is dangerous .They are acting bored and falling asleep during the hearings.We are tax payers that have no control over their actions. Our only hope is to vote wisely. Chose new blood. Get people in the commission that will question what they are doing. We need people with “an ax to grind”. This is our only hope at this point. Get yourselves involved. We can only beat this if we all stay united.

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