March 26, 2011 12:13 am

Coal Ash Front & Center at Ameren Meeting 4/26


If you own Ameren stock you will have the opportunity to vote on a shareholder proposal asking for safeguards in managing coal combustion wastes at Ameren facilities.  I believe it asks that the company not place a CCW landfill in the Labadie bottoms floodplain due to risks incurred both to the community and to shareholders that stand to loose value in stock if building a CCW landfill in the floodplain results in future damages.

Please take this opportunity to vote.

See item 7 in the Ameren Proxy Book. Vote FOR item 7.

Every shareholder should receive a copy of the “Notice of the Shareholder Meeting and Proxy Book”  either by email or by mail (a tissue paper type publication), probably in mid/late March…this week or next.  Inside the Proxy Book will be a voting card with instructions on how to vote, either online or by mail/phone.

If you are a shareholder, you will also receive a ticket to the Annual Meeting which is April 26th at 9 a.m.  Need ticket to attend.

Our friends at Missouri Coalition for Responsible Investment made this resolution happen and have advised additional votes that also impact the good and responsible functioning of Ameren for both benefit of the shareholders and the communities in which Ameren does business.

If asked about frequency of vote on Board of Directors, they advise voting every year.  If asked how often shareholders should be allowed to vote on CEO’s pay, Missouri Coalition advocates for every year.  These two items are now required for every company since the Dodd-Frank Act.

Your vote matters.  Often a small block of votes will change company policy.  Please fill out your Proxy Book and return as directed.  Then sit back and know you did a good thing.

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