May 4, 2011 2:34 pm

LEO Takes on DC and Action Required on HR 1391


Capital Bldg DC, Image from crazyamazy blog

April 11th-14th representatives from 10 states traveled to DC to talk with decision makers at EPA and with our legislators to demand a strong coal ash rule soon.  Missouri sent 4 individuals included 2 reps from LEO.  We met with Manny Stanislaus of EPA, the team writing the rule and almost all of the top staff members of our state Reps and state Senators.

The meetings were positive and encouraged all of us that the EPA was listening and reviewing all of the 450,000+ comments they received on the rule.

Good news also came in the form of a report released the week before we landed in DC that demanded that the EPA evaluate safety of the use of CCWs in products.  None of these uses have ever been tested for leaching or gassing off of materials (ex: mercury from wallboard made with CCWs). One would be surprised to note all the products made with addition of CCWs. Many we come in contact with on a daily basis.  Some may be safe…but, we should have a system of evaluation and oversight. Things that are not encapsulated or that come in contact with water and erosion are of particular concern.  Almost all products eventually end up in a dump.  Who is making sure they are handled and disposed of properly?

So what is industry saying in response to this logical concern about how we dispose of toxic waste?  “You are trying to destroy the recycling business and close plants.”  The reality is that economic evaluation does not support the first claim; the thought is that recycling will increase and be more profitable if disposal in landfills is discouraged.  The second claim is alarmist.  The reality is that we should never support industries that harm us and any business should be able to function at a profit if its product is needed and safe.  To safely and responsibly manage CCW will not close any plant…including Labadie. It will cost utilities more than dumping in a hole right next to their plants…but save all of us money in healthcare, lost property values and lost economic opportunities.

So what can you do? Please contact your legislators right now to tell them to vote NO on any measures that limit EPA’s ability to regulate coal ash waste.  We have tried industry policing itself and we have tried state’s policing industry…neither has worked and 137 damage cases in 34 states proves it.

The most recent assault is HR 1391 sponsored by Rep McKinely (WV).  It takes away Subtitle C as an option.  We need everyone to call their Representatives to say:


To look up your legislator’s contact info see this link.

Thank you for taking the time and making democracy work!

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