June 15, 2011 10:26 pm

FC Green Jobs and Industry Tour


Great graphic from US Green Bldg Assoc.

Join LEO Thursday July 30th as we take a bus tour of CG Power in Washington MO.  They make transformers for wind turbines and are an excellent example of a successful green industry venture locally.  Three hundred good paying jobs creating energy solutions that could be used here in the Midwest. Lots of folks have talked about both the potential of Missouri for wind and solar.  The NRDC reports Missouri has more than 2,500 square miles of land with commercial-grade wind resources, a power potential equal to 63 percent of the state’s electricity use. Many of these windy plots are relatively close to St. Louis or Kansas City, which brings down the cost of transmitting the energy. Harnessing just a fraction of Missouri’s wind power would result in a major new source of income for many farmers and rural communities. The average 269-acre Missouri farm could host three to four wind turbines and bring in $18,000 to $24,000 annually from land lease payments.

Missouri also has potential for solar energy production and certainly for making the technology.  Franklin County has accessible veins of  high grade silica and the US Silica plant operates in Pacific. Missouri’s potential for harnessing solar energy is actually fairly good in comparison to other parts of the country. What is really exciting is that Missouri is considered by investors an excellent location for the production of green energy technology based on several criteria including central US location, proximity to transportation and potential for developing a highly trained workforce.

EVENT:  Green Jobs and industry Tour

DATE:  JUNE 30th

PLAN:  Meet at 3 Brothers Restaurant at 9:30 a.m. to board the bus.  There will be people coming from around the region.  We will first tour the Labadie Bottoms (if not flooded) and then head to Washington for a tour of their facilities. We should be back to the restaurant between 11:30 and noon to enjoy lunch and about a 1/2 hr discussion about green jobs and opportunities specific to our state and region.

COST:  FREE; except for lunch which should be reasonable and tasty!

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO BE SURE YOU JOIN US?  Email prsmail@gmail.com with GREEN JOBS TOUR in the Subject line and answer these questions in your email:

  • Riding the bus? or need details about where to meet in Washington? We should be going to the plant location at CG Power Systems Distribution Transformer Plant, One Pauwels Drive, Washington MO 63090, 636-239-930
  • How many coming?
  • How many eating lunch at the restaurant after the bus tour? Restaurant will serve off the menu or specials; everyone expected to cover their own lunches
  • Where are you from and what interested you most about taking the tour?



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