June 16, 2011 12:08 pm

Save the Clean Water Act!


We need your help in sending a message to Administrator Jackson of the EPA.  Protect and defend the Clean Water Act!

Ted Mathys at Environment Missouri is collecting signatures via an online petition.  Please take the time to sign and join all the other Missourians defending clean water.

Who opposes these protections? An array of special interests including ExxonMobil threatening “legal warfare.”  The National Mining Association and others told Congress 2 weeks ago the Clean Water Act threatens American jobs.  

  Of course, we know that’s not true. In fact, EPA estimates that the annual economic benefits of the new plan will outweigh the costs by a ration of roughly 2-1 and protecting our clean water should be a primary concern for everyone!  But if Washington only hears from the polluters, they could carry the day. Please take 30 seconds to show support for clean water.

We know YOU and most Missourians care about clean water enough to sign this petition. Why? Because we and our families depend on this vital natural resource, that once polluted…is difficult to clean.

How does this issue effect LEO members directly? The Campaign to Save OUR Bottoms is ALL about preserving clean water for future generations.  The toxins in coal ash leach into ground water and surface water and are typically not removed in processing for drinking water.  Coal ash leaching has been linked to a particularly carcinogenic form of chromium…and is showing up in drinking water around the nation.  Remember that there are thousands of CCW impoundments and landfills dotting the landscape and typically right on rivers and streams.

Take a moment to sign the petition and send it on to your network of family and friends.



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