June 22, 2011 9:06 am

Small Ordinance Change that Could Make a Big Difference


Labadie Bottoms June 2011 BEFORE Flooding

On May 31st, the Franklin County Commission unanimously voted to adopt Order 11-182.

In doing so, they acknowledged that the proposed CCW landfill in the Missouri River bottoms is actually IN the floodway.

The amendments to the county floodplain ordinances both allow us to receive FEMA aide in the event of flooding and identifies those areas most at risk.  A few years back (2009) FEMA rewrote their maps to reflect reality on the river.  Those new maps are the maps our county adopted and will go into effect in October. The new maps show the proposed landfill not only in the floodplain but, more importantly…in the floodway.   Why is this important? Because this is where floodwater is most destructive.  Grounds to say…no structures and certainly no waste dumps should be permitted in the floodway due to the level of harm that can result.

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