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OUR MISSION: The mission of the Labadie Environmental Organization (LEO) is to inform and educate the community about the environmental issues impacting health and well-being; to inspire positive change; and encourage practices for sustainability.

WHO WE ARE? LEO is a grassroots, non-profit, non-partisan citizens group which formed to address important environmental issues that impact our lives today and in the future.


Campaign to Save OUR Bottoms: A current priority issue is the protection of Missouri River bottom lands and associated communities.  LEO is working with other organizations and citizens concerned by Ameren’s proposed 400-1000 acre coal waste site in the Missouri River floodplain near Labadie, MO.  The mercury, arsenic, lead, hexavalent chromium and radioactive materials in coal ash waste is known to contaminate ground water and drinking water.  LEO thinks placing this material indefinitely in a floodplain is the worst place to landfill it.  We have testified at local hearings, met with government agencies on the issue, brought in experts to inform our Commission and continue to educate on CCW water, river and soil pollution.

Sustainable Development: LEO attends County Commission meetings, County working meetings, Master Plan (development plan) meetings and is trying to work with the County to ensure the protection of water, communities, environmental resources and the quality community environments we all share.


JOIN! LEO has become a membership organization to better identify and meet the needs of those who support us.  It will be easy and painless.  See soon to be available TAB on the WEBSITE and BLOG.  Paid and FREE options, upgrades for volunteering, tailor communications from us…you decide what works best for you.

SIGN THE PETITION! Sign and get others to sign.  Follow links on the Home Page.  Thank you!

TAKE ACTION! Try to help us out when we send out ACTION ALERTS.  Small efforts made by many can move mountains.  We will try to make actions as easy as possible to both act and to share with your friends.

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! We have 2 Facebook pages and would love you to LIKE US:) See Labadie Environmental Organization and Save OUR Bottoms!!! Share info from our Facebook pages with your friends.  Grow the base of supporters and those who can give input to our organization. LEO is not just Labadie based.  We are working to protect water and land resources for future generations.

DONATE AS YOU CAN: LEO depends on the generosity and commitment of those who believe in our mission.  Give as you can and support our activities.  Money is not the only thing you can donate…your time, talent and passion are even more valuable to a strong organization.  When joining, please indicate you will also volunteer.  Volunteers enjoy FREE membership upgrades. We also accept donations of supplies and services (office supplies, printing, professional services).

ATTEND EVENTS, HEARINGS AND BE A LEO COMMUNITY OUTREACH PERSON: We need you to be there to show support.  Many opportunities and information available that you can use to educate and engage neighbors and friends.  Email us at contact@leomo.info if you have a specific suggestion or need.

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